Former Chief Fellows

Years Chief Fellow Residency
2008-2010 Lance Weathers, MD St. Luke University
2009-2011 Matthew Wiisanen, MD Mayo Clinic, Rochester
2010-2012 Samy Selim, MD Jersey Shore University (Chief)
2011-2013 Michael Faulkner, MD University of Alabama-Birmingham
2012-2014 Jordan Brewster, MD Vanderbilt University
2013-2015 Martin Rains, MD University of Kentucky (Med/Peds, Chief)
2014-2016 Vedant Gupta, MD Cleveland Clinic, OH (Chief)
2015-2016 Kevin Parrott, MD Duke University
2016-2018 Nathan Kusterer, MD University of Kentucky
2017-2019 Bruce Bradley, MD University of Kentucky
2018-2020 Julie Shelton, DO University of Kentucky
2019-2021 Ashley Brunmeier, MD Medical College of Wisconsin (Med/Peds, Chief)
2020-2022 Evan Sheets, MD The Ohio State University
2021-2022 Benjamin Stoner, MD University of North Carolina