The division provides clinical services designed to optimize care for a diverse array of general medicine and geriatric patient populations at the University. The division's general medicine clinical practice includes an active outpatient office practice, as well as an executive health program.

University Physicians - Internal Medicine Group

All of the division's University-based clinical teaching programs are fully integrated with the section's general medicine practice at the Kentucky Clinic. Residents in the primary care, medicine/pediatrics, and categorical residency training programs follow their patients in the general internal medicine faculty primary care practice.  Students from third- and fourth-year clerkships in the College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing, and other affiliated programs rotate in these teaching clinics.

UK General Medicine Consultation Services

This service provides 24-hour general internal medicine consultation for non-internal medicine services and the emergency department at the UK Hospital, staffed by two senior residents each month. UK HealthCare specialists consult the team or preoperative risk assessment, perioperative medical management, and non-surgical medical evaluation and management of their patients. 

The division provides 12 months of coverage on the general internal medicine consult services at UK.

Executive Health Program

This is a program through the division of general internal medicine that provides yearly physical exams, health care assessments and disease risk factor determinations for companies. These exams are tailored for each company and generally through a contractual agreement. The exams are designed and scheduled to be completed in a single morning, thus minimizing the busy employee's time away from the office. However, colonoscopies, and occasionally mammograms, have to be scheduled on a separate day, due to logistics, sedation for the colonoscopy, etc. A detailed follow-up letter is written to the employee describing the exam findings, test results, and recommendations for health fitness. The fee for the program ranges $300 - $500 per employee, depending on the amount of testing done.

For more information call 859-257-3313.

Faculty involved: Jacqueline Gibson, MD, and Dale Toney, MD