At the University of Kentucky, we offer multiple electives in internal medicine and pediatrics (med-peds) that provide excellent opportunities for students interested in these careers. In addition, we have two rotations which provide a combined experience in both internal medicine and pediatrics:

  • MED-872/PED-872 Acting Internship in Medicine-Pediatrics
  • MED-875/PED-875 Med-Peds Ambulatory Care

Medical students who are interested in pursuing a med peds residency or are interested in learning more about what med peds is should consider becoming involved with our UK Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Interest Group through the College of Medicine. The group is very active and is guided by Dr. Kate Wimberly, who is a med peds APD. Questions about the group and information about getting more involved can be directed to Dr. Wimberly (Kate.Wimberly@uky.edu).