In collaboration with the UK College of Education, College of Medicine faculty may pursue further study in either a Graduate certificate or Masters in Education. The options include 2 fields of study:

  1. Educational Research Methods: Quantitative or qualitative methods for assessment and evaluation
  2. Instructional Systems Design: Content delivery with focus on educational technology

Both disciplines feature a Graduate certificate and full Masters option. More information about each is below.

As a full time (>0.75 FTE) employee, faculty quality for UK’s Employee Education Program. Tuition is waived for up to 8 hours per semester with a maximum of 18 hours per academic year. ( The pace of each program is flexible based on faculty preference and course availability.

Educational Research Methods

Research Methods in Education Graduate Certificate

The RMinE Graduate Certificate provides coursework in research and evaluation methods applicable to medical education. This program includes a foundation in quantitative methods, assessment, and evaluation—relevant to educational program evaluation and as a foundation for medical education scholarship. 

Course of Study (15 Credits)

  • EPE/EDP 557: Gathering, Using and Analyzing Educational Data I
  • EPE 619: Survey Research
  • EPE/EDP 620: Introduction to Evaluation
  • EPE 663: Field Studies in Educational Settings
  • One elective

MS in Educational Research Methods and Policy Studies

The more robust Masters degree provides a foundation in research and policy studies with advanced professional preparation for career advancement as a researcher, evaluator, or educational administrator. The course plan requires 19 hours of Core courses, 6 hours from a required concentration (Quantitative methods, Evaluation/Assessment, or Research Design), and 12 hours of elective study. (Total of 37 hours).

Instructional Systems Design

Instructional Systems Design Graduate Certificate in Distance Education

This program is designed to develop or expand teaching expertise in online education including e-learning tools and strategies to design/deliver engaging online training or modules.

Two foundation courses (6 credit hours):

  • EDC 548 Instructional Technology Leadership OR EDS 651/GS 600 Distance Education Delivery
  • EDC 605 Distance Learning Research & Design OR EDS 652/GS 600 Distance Education Management and Support

2 electives (6 credit hours) – Select 2 of the following:

  • EDC 543 Digital Game-Based Learning
  • EDC 607 Instructional Design I
  • EDC 611 Authoring Applications for E-Learning

MS in Instructional Systems Design

The more extensive Masters degree includes educational theory and foundational methods in instructional technology, with extensive exposure to e-learning tools. The Course plan includes 18 hours of core courses, 12 hours of electives in ISD, and 6 hours of electives outside the College of Education.