The College of Medicine Division of General Internal Medicine is a large division within the the department of internal medicine. Our diverse faculty and staff provide clinical services and educational programs and participate in research at the University of Kentucky. Our commitment to providing general medical services to our patients and teaching to our learners is among the highest in the department and in the college.

Our administrative offices are located on the third floor of the Charles T. Wethington Building at the University of Kentucky.  

Clinical Faculty

The division's academic clinical faculty are active in an extensive array of educational services within the department's, college's, and University's teaching programs. We are actively administrating and teaching in all five colleges in the medical center (basic science and clinical courses), the University of Kentucky Graduate School, and in a number of other University colleges. Our academic faculty have been recognized as leaders in teaching, educational administration, educational research, and health services research at the regional, national, and international levels.

group of medical professionals sitting at a table discussing; water glasses and computers also on table

Primary Care Clinicians

UK General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics provides diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients from adolescence through adult age. We specialize in primary care, wellness and prevention, and the care of patients with chronic medical conditions in five separate outpatient clinics located in four separate facilities. When necessary, our physicians coordinate the treatment of patients across specialties and subspecialties.

The division's physicians are among the most sought-after primary care clinicians in the institution. Administrators and professors from the University, the UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital, and state government are patients in the division's primary care practice. The internal medicine group serves as the primary care provider for a large number of patients enrolled in the University health plans and consistently receives excellent patient satisfaction ratings for its service. 

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