Angela Webb, MD, and her husband, Jon Webb, MD, both clinical faculty within the department of internal medicine, are set to star in an upcoming episode of Family Feud. 

The Webb family originally auditioned to compete on the show in Fall 2021, but a positive COVID-19 diagnosis the week before filming put their plans on pause. During the 2022 holiday break, the family was tapped to participate again. They initially interviewed via Zoom and were flown to Atlanta, Ga., in late Spring 2023 for filming.  

Alongside Drs. Angela and Jon Webb, the team included Jon’s brother Lee and his wife, Rachel, and Rachel’s sister Anna. All five are proud alumni of the University of Kentucky and picked royal blue as the team color to honor their alma mater.

“There were some surreal moments that made you think ‘this is just literally family board game night and I want to win’,” shared Dr. Angela Webb. “Then you would look at the audience and be jolted back to the reality that this was so much bigger than that.” 

According to the Webb family, the entire experience felt like a joyful celebration. They describe the environment off-camera as supportive, noting that it was hard not to root for the competition when they did well.

The Webbs are on three separate episodes of the game show. Dates are Feb. 23, April 22, and April 23, 2024.