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Critical Care Medicine Fellows

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Nephrology/Critical Care Fellows

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Cardiology/Critical Care Fellows

Past Fellowship Graduates

Our graduates pursue a variety of career paths, including subspecialty training, biomedical research, community practice, private practice, and academic medicine. Would you like to see where our graduates have gone?

Past Graduates

Sarah Kung – Henderson, KY

Mohammed Megri – Huntington, WV

Ashley Thompson – Pikeville, KY

Jonathan Vignes – University of Kentucky

Neha Naithani – Johnson City, TN

Adam Alperstein – Irvine, CA 

Dustin Hillerson – Madison, WI

Srinadh Annangi, MBBS – Harrison Memorial, Cynthiana, KY

Collin Burke, MD – Tacoma, WA

Chhabindra Nepal, MBBS  – Faith Regional Physician Services, Norfolk, NE

Robin Paudel, MBBS – Mayo Clinic Health System, La Crosse, WI

Taj Rahman, MD – University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburg, PA

Ibrahim Shahoub, MBBCh – Pikeville Medical Center, Pikeville, KY

Tarake Aljarod, MBCHB – Sleep Fellowship,

Dipti Baral, MBBS – Biloxi, Mississippi

Jeffrey Jenkins, MD – Private practice, Ashland, KY

Caleb Meenach, DO - Central Baptist Hospital, Lexington, KY

Herman Dyal - Private Practice, Indianapolis, IN

Tiffany Latta - Summa Health, Akron, OH

Cybelle Pfeifer - Tallahassee Memorial, Tallahassee, FL

Anthony Otekeiwebia - Tallahassee Memorial, Tallahassee, FL

Ali Zulqarnain - Cardiology Fellowship, Akron, OH

Tess Case, DO  -  Central Baptist Hospital, Lexington, KY

Kelli Mathew, DO  -  Private Practice, Elizabethtown, KY

Subodh Pandey, MD – Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky

Anita Rajagopal, MD – Sleep Medicine Fellowship, Indianapolis, IN

Anna Kalema, MD  -  Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky

Yazen Beddawi, MD  Private Practice, San Francisco, CA

Santosh Dhungana, MBBS  Academic, Temple Univ., Philadelphia, PA

Sajeev Uprety, MBBA  Private Practice, Indianapolis, IN

Margaret Disselkamp, MD  Assistant Professor, Univ. of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Mustafa Ali, MD   Private Practice, Chapel Hill, NC

Pooja Dea, MD   Private Practice, Sacramento, CA

Nitin Dhaon, MD  Sleep Fellowship, Gainesville, FL

Saba Hamiduzzaman, MD   Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA 

Imran Sethi, MD   Mayo Clinic Health System, North Mankato, MN

Ken Roberts, MD  Private Practice, Charlotte, NC

Sanjay Srivastava, MD  Private Practice, Cleveland, OH

Hyeong Kim, MD  Private Practice, Greenville, NC

Ashley Montgomery, MD  Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky

Emilia Anigbo, MD  Private Practice, Chillicothe, OH

Kevin Smith, MD  Private Practice, Asheville, NC

Amy Ford Turner, DO  Private Practice, Springfield, MO

Shambu Aryal, MD  Falls Church, VA

Rayan Ihle, MD  Assistant Professor, West Virginia University

Chau Chu-Taylor, MD  Private Practice, Concord, NC

Fadi Adra, MD  Private Practice, Tucsan, AZ

Joe Mueller, MD  Private Practice, Lexington, KY

Praveen Chenna, MD  Assistant Professor, Washington University in St. Louis

Joel Neibuhr, DO  Private Practice, Racine, Wisconsin

Arthi Thangaraj, MD  Beth Isreal Deaconess Hospital Plymouth, Braintree, MA

Brandon Perkins, DO  Private Practice, Carmel, IN