KyMMM Research Team standing on the Chandler Hospital steps

A team of providers and researchers at the University of Kentucky is working with community and government leaders across the state to address a pressing issue facing the Commonwealth: the maternal morbidity and mortality rate.

Three people overlapping their hands

Parkinson's disease (PD) is a progressive neurological disorder that affects movement. Named after Dr. James Parkinson, who first described it in 1817, this condition currently affects millions of people worldwide. April is recognized as Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month, chosen because it is the birth month of Parkinson.

Behind the Blue UK Logo

Four years ago, the world at large became more familiar with the field of health care known as “critical care” when the COVID-19 pandemic led to unprecedented numbers of patients being admitted to hospital intensive care units.

2024 UNITE Research Showcase flyer with keynote speakers: Juan Williams and Regina Benjamin. More information in the article.

The University of Kentucky’s UNITE Research Priority Area will host its annual showcase on Thursday, April 18. The 2024 UNITE Research Showcase is centered on elevating and promoting the importance of impactful research at UK, across the Commonwealth and beyond.

Ashley Montgomery-Yates, MD

Every week in March, UKNow offers perspectives on this national observance and their own life experiences from women at UK HealthCare.

Ima Ebong sitting outside.

In 2017, Ima Ebong, MD, became a mother for the first time. She just graduated from a four-year neurology residency program at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital and was one month into a rigorous year-long clinical neurophysiology fellowship – the final phase of her medical education before becoming an attending physician.

Wang-Xia Wang, PhD

Every week in March, we will offer perspectives on this national observance and their own life experiences from women at UK HealthCare. This week’s Q&A features Wang-Xia Wang, PhD, a researcher with the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging and an assistant professor in the UK College of Medicine’s Department of Pathology and Lab Medicine.

Jeremy Thompson snuggling a dog.

Down syndrome remains the most common chromosomal condition diagnosed in the United States. Each year, about 6,000 babies born in the United States have Down syndrome, meaning it occurs in about one in every 700 babies.

Roberta Taylor on a UK balcony.

Every week in March, we will offer perspectives on this national observance and their own life experiences from women at UK HealthCare. This week’s Q&A features Roberta Taylor, a clinical services technician with UK HealthCare and staff in the UK College of Medicine’s Department of Internal Medicine. 

Q: What Does Women’s History Month mean to you? 

Dr. D'Orazio in front of one of his paintings.

Not many people wake up before the sun rises to indulge in a hobby. But for John D’Orazio, MD, his passion for a hobby he discovered during the COVID-19 pandemic remains something that still inspires him to wake up at 4 a.m.

Yadi Wu working in the lab.

A recent University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center study published in PNAS uncovers a critical pathway involved in immune evasion by breast cancer cells.  

Image of research scholars for 2024. Names are in the image caption.

The University of Kentucky’s Research Scholars Program (RSP) has welcomed its fourth cohort made up of six faculty whose expertise spans a broad range of research foci. The program is aimed at advancing research by promoting the success of a diverse group of faculty.

Dr. Asha Shenoi

Women’s History Month is a nationally recognized observance that commemorates the role of women throughout American History. Though its roots as a national celebration trace back to 1981, the presidential proclamation of every March as Women’s History Month officially began in 1995.

Lisa Cassis.

The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) is honoring the University of Kentucky’s Vice President for Research for her foundational contributions to our understanding of the renin-angiotensin system that has broad implications for hypertension and cardiovascu

BG Internal Med residents

Mallory Vaughn, MD, has wanted to be a doctor most of her life. When she was just 8 years old, her grandmother experienced a cardiac event and needed treatment. 

Webb family on set of Family Feud

Angela Webb, MD, and her husband, Jon Webb, MD, both clinical faculty within the department of internal medicine, are set to star in an upcoming episode of Family Feud. 

Hollie Swanson

A University of Kentucky researcher has earned the Undergraduate Educator Award from the Society of Toxicology (SOT).

Maggie Murphy, PhD

A group of researchers at the University of Kentucky is conducting a first-of-its-kind study addressing how home air quality affects blood pressure and obesity in children in rural Kentucky.

Joseph Stuart in front of the Markey Cancer Center for Women's Care

Upstairs in the University of Kentucky Johnson Center’s Blue Studio on a Wednesday night, a crowd begins to gather — first a trickle, then smaller groups. Soon, a line develops outside the door as participants check in.

A child standing in front of the words, "See it. Stop it."

A team of researchers at the University of Kentucky continues to advance strategies to prevent child sex trafficking (CST) across the Commonwealth through a training program for middle school staff.