Belinda Mason Carden and Paul Mason Professorship and Chair in HIV/AIDS Research/Education

This endowment is inspired by the vision and passion of Belinda and Rep. Paul Mason’s advocacy for HIV/AIDS research and treatment for rural Kentuckians. The distinguished professor who receives this endowment is expected to expand major research efforts in HIV/AIDS at UK; enhance the delivery of exceptional HIV/AIDS patient care for the people of Kentucky, especially in rural areas; and conduct HIV/AIDS educational programs for health care professionals and the people of Kentucky. 

To learn more about the Belinda Mason Carden and Paul Mason Professorship and Chair in HIV/AIDS Research/Education endowment click here. Please help us honor the memories of Belinda and Rep. Mason by making a gift and pledge. For questions about the endowment, please contact Richard McKenzie at 859-323-6415.

black and white photo of Belinda Mason Carden

Infectious Diseases Research Professorship in Internal Medicine

The Kentucky Medical Services Foundation and the state-funded Research Challenge Trust Fund have each contributed $50,000 to create an endowed Infectious Diseases Research Professorship.

Alice Thornton, MD, has held this professorship since 2003.

Dr. Alice Thornton

Hellmann Family Fund Professorship in Infectious Diseases

Nicholas S. Hellmann, MD, of San Carlos, Calif., has made a commitment of $50,000 to endow the Hellmann Family Fund in the College of Medicine Department of Internal Medicine. Hellmann, a 1982 alumnus, established the endowment to support HIV/AIDS research in the division of infectious diseases. The gift is eligible to receive a matched amount from the state’s Research Challenge Trust Fund to create a $100,000 professorship. For further information and ways to contribute to the Infectious Diseases Research and Hellmann Family Fund endowment, please contact Richard Greenberg, MD, at 859-323-6327.