Rapid Diagnosis and Innovative Treatments

The Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Program (MLCP) at the Lucille P. Markey Cancer Center, the only NCI designated cancer center in Kentucky,  provides a multidisciplinary approach to care for patients with lung cancer and other cancers of the chest. Established in 1998 as the first multidisciplinary lung cancer program in Kentucky, the goal of the program is to facilitate a rapid diagnosis and provide innovative treatments for patients with lung cancer.

Multidisciplinary Team

The multidisciplinary team consists of pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, and specialized nursing staff. The team works in a collaborative fashion to develop an individualized diagnostic and treatment plan to ensure optimal patient care.

3 researchers looking down at a computer; laboratory in background

Central Location and Access

The MLCP clinic provides a central location where patients can be seen by multiple specialists on the same visit. All new patients are discussed in a weekly conference attended by all team members and an individualized management plan is developed, including the opportunity for patients to participate in the latest clinical trials. In addition, the MLCP offers access to the latest diagnostic and staging techniques such as endobronchial ultrasound, as well as novel therapies such stereotactic radiation, brachytherapy, photodynamic therapy, laser therapy, stenting for central airway obstruction and minimally-invasive surgery.