Prior to the Interview

Prior to interviewing, please visit the UK GME prospective residents and fellows page to review information related to:

  • Stipends and benefits

  • Contract 

  • GME policies and procedures

  • Interview acknowledgement forms

Scheduling the Interview

We use the program 'Thalamus' for all our interview scheduling as it provides a secure and reliable way for us to share our availability and communications with you.

  1. Once selected to interview, you will receive an invitation to view password-protected pages of this website as well as an invitation to schedule your interview through Thalamus. 
  2. When visiting our website, immerse yourself in our program’s information. Get to know us. Then imagine yourself living, working, growing, and learning right along with us.​
  3. After you click to initiate the Thalamus process, follow these steps:
  • Create your profile: Confirm your information and set up your profile.
  • Schedule your interview: Availability, preferred dates, easy changes, and the smart calendar will allow for flexible scheduling.
  • This program has a lot of great features so please explore the options to make the process as smooth as possible.

The Interview

Our interview days are scheduled for most Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from late October through mid-January. (Thalamus will show you the specific interview dates available.)

The night before the interview we set aside 30 minutes for you to virtually meet with current residents, get to know them, and ask questions about their experiences at UK, in a very laid-back atmosphere.

Our virtual interview day includes learning about our program, interview time with faculty, and additional time with our residents and chiefs to learn about Lexington.

If you have additional questions after your interview day, please reach out to our staff and/or faculty as we know finding the right residency for you is a big decision.


For the quickest and most effective response, please use the preferred contact and 859-218-2834