Approximately Ten Conference Opportunities Every Week

We pride ourselves in a robust conference schedule that is ever-changing to adapt to the needs of the fellowship. One of our core principles is a mix of faculty and fellow-given didactics that we feel balances comprehensive coverage of topics necessary for cardiovascular medicine boards with the desire to empower our fellows to become better educators themselves. We also leverage technology and other opportunities to provide a wide range of learning modalities ranging from interactive journal clubs with visiting faculty from around the world to clinical simulations to anatomic dissections and more. With this variety of opportunities, we average approximately ten conferences every week that are available for general fellows to attend.

Imaging Conferences

Echo Conference

Twice monthly. Alternates between case-based conference led by the general fellow(s) who are rotating in the echo lab and didactics given by our attendings. In addition, throughout the year, attendings lead workshops for the fellows to perform hemodynamic calculations and valve assessments. Sonographers and other lab staff also attend and participate in discussion.

Nuclear Conference

Once monthly. Alternates between case-based conference led by the general fellow who is rotating in the nuclear lab and didactics given by our cardiology or radiology attendings about stress testing, different forms of nuclear imaging, PET, and more.

CCT/CMR Conference

Once monthly. Didactic led by an advanced cardiac imaging fellow or attending about CCT/CMR topics that are relevant to general fellows’ training.

Cardio fellowship imaging conference

Clinical Conferences

Cath Conference

Once weekly. Alternates between didactics and case-based discussion led by the general fellow(s) who are rotating in the cath labs at UK and the VA. Well attended by several interventional attendings as well as our multiple members of our cardiothoracic surgery team.

CCU Conference

Once monthly. Case-based conference led by the general fellow who rotated in the CCU the previous month. Interactive conference that walks through medical decision making for our most challenging patients step-by-step with several of our CCU attendings.

Valve Conference

Every other month. Case-based clinical decision making discussion of our most complex valve patients presented for the education of cardiology fellows and cardiothoracic surgery residents led by a combination of structural interventionalists, advanced imaging cardiologists, and cardiothoracic surgeons.

Pharmacy Conference

Once monthly. Two-year repeating curriculum led by our inpatient and outpatient pharmacists as well as pharmacy residents about a wide variety of topics.

Cardiovascular Seminar Series

Once monthly. Visiting lecture from national leaders in the field about a variety of topics.

ECG Conference

Once monthly. Interactive, informal real-time ECG reading led by the chief fellows with a focus on coding for real-life practice and the boards.

Presenter at a conference with an image of a human heart on the screen

Subspecialty Conferences

ACI Conference

Once weekly. Led by advanced imaging fellows and faculty and geared towards those interested in pursuing advanced imaging careers. Case-based discussion and physics didactics.

EP Conference

Twice monthly. Alternates between case-based conference led by the general fellow who is rotating on the EP service and didactics given by our attendings or EP fellows. Frequent lectures also given by device company representatives who provide hands-on tutorials for device interrogation and programming.

Heart Failure Conference

Once monthly. Didactics presented by heart failure attendings about a variety of topics. Lectures also given by LVAD coordinators regarding acute management of LVAD patients, hands-on training interpreting LVAD waveforms, etc.

Interventional Conference

Once weekly. Led by interventional fellows and faculty and geared towards those interested in pursuing interventional careers. Primarily case-based discussion with more of a focus on interventional technique and decision making.

clinical scan of heart

Patient Care Conferences

Congenital Conference

Once weekly. Case discussion led by a pediatric cardiologist or an advanced imaging cardiologist that general fellows are able to attend if interested.

Structural Conference

Once weekly. Discussion regarding upcoming structural cases involving interventional, advanced imaging, and cardiothoracic surgery that general fellows are able to attend if interested.

heart's aorta highlighted on scan

Academic Conferences

Journal Club

Once monthly. Discussion led by a junior and senior fellow who provide a history of relevant research that contributed to a new or high-impact publication of their choosing. Guidance for the presenting fellows is provided by Dr Moliterno, and PIs of the chosen articles are invited to join via Zoom.

Research Small Groups

Once monthly. Fellowship is divided into smaller groups, each led by an attending who was selected as an outstanding research mentor. Alternates between discussion and troubleshooting of fellows’ projects and topic presentations relevant to research such as database utilization, statistical help, etc.

Fellow Greg Sinner presenting a poster at a conference over 'Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathies'

Other Conferences and Series

On Call Curriculum

A series of talks designed for incoming fellows and given within the first two weeks of July by our third-year fellows about high yield topics before call shifts. Examples of lectures given in the past include acute coronary syndrome, management of acute pulmonary embolism, EP emergencies, cardiogenic shock and MCS devices, and overnight echocardiography.

Cath Lab Intro Series

Based on feedback from our current fellows, we have recently designed and implemented a curriculum designed to get incoming fellows up-to-speed before their cath lab months. This includes several intro-level didactics about things ranging from access techniques to catheter selection. We also incorporate coronary angiography interpretation workshops that are led by our interventional attendings with a specific focus on reading angiograms starting from the basics and building up to things like complex graft cases. Along the way, there is also training and tips for our 3rd year fellows who are responsible for driving the table and troubleshooting for the junior fellows in the UK lab.


Our program is continuing to find new ways to incorporate clinical simulation into our existing curriculum. UK offers an on-site, state-of-the-art simulation center that we utilize for procedural training for incoming fellows including everything ranging from arterial access to pericardiocentesis. Comprehensive simulators for cath and TEE are also available throughout the year.

Echo Board Review

A series of weekly board review sessions that begins during the second half of the academic year and is geared for 2nd and 3rd year fellows planning to take Echo boards the following summer. Comprehensive list of over 25 topics covered by our attendings with a specific focus on test-taking strategy and common tricks on exam questions.

Fellows’ Meeting

Once monthly. Informal discussion of updates in the program led by the chief fellows with all of the PDs present. This also serves as a venue for fellows to voice any concerns or issues they may be having.

Non-Cardiology Guest Lectures

We maintain a strong relationship with other departments at UK and frequently have their attendings provide additional didactics on areas of interest for our general fellows. Recent topics include contemporary management of endocarditis by infectious disease, advanced ventilator management in the CCU by pulmonology, peripheral vascular disease by vascular surgery, and several more.

QUICK Presentations

The culmination of our longitudinal QI projects, these conferences are presented by each fellow during the 2nd half of their third year under the guidance of their chosen mentor detailing the progress and outcomes of their QI intervention.

bedside scan of patient's heart; heart image on screen