Jon Vincent is not a doctor yet, but he has played one on TV.

Vincent, an MD/PhD student at the UK College of Medicine, had early experience wearing scrubs in a clinical setting when he served as an extra for a recent episode of the hit medical drama, “Grey’s Anatomy.”

“I was always an avid fan of the show,” Vincent said. “It was really just a surreal experience that I was so lucky and fortunate to have.”

Initially, Vincent was asked to be a consultant for the show. He is director of sales and medical research integration for his family’s company, Dynavision, which produces equipment used by physical therapists, orthopedists, rehabilitation centers, and more. A medical advisor from Grey’s Anatomy contacted Vincent and his family to feature the Dynavision D2, a cognitive training device. Specifically, the equipment was used for a neurocognitive assessment of Dr. Richard Webber, played by James Pickens, Jr.

Vincent traveled to ABC Studios in Los Angeles, Calif., to help the team use his company’s equipment appropriately. And then, to his surprise, he was asked to be an extra for a scene in the 15th episode of season 18, the most recent season. So he put on scrubs and worked alongside actors including Pickens, E.R. Fightmaster, Peter Gallagher, and Kevin McKidd, who directed the episode.

Vincent said that the cast and crew were very welcoming during the visit. He toured ABC Studios, saw the famous Emerald City Bar where the fictional doctors meet, as well as lead character Dr. Meredith Grey’s fictional house.

“I feel like every medical student has been inspired by that show,” Vincent said. “It was one of the many things that inspired me to pursue medicine. But having gone there and seen behind the scenes of it all really was a special moment I’ll never forget.”

As an MD/PhD student at UK, Vincent is training for a career as a physician-scientist. He has completed his second year of medical school, passed his Step 1 exam, and just began the PhD portion of his program, where he is training under Adam Bachstetter, PhD, in the UK College of Medicine Department of Neuroscience and Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center.

After an incredible experience on set with so many famous TV doctors, Vincent is even more excited to enter the health care profession and make an impact in medicine and research.