Your second year of medical school is a busy one with an increased class load and preparing for Step 1 but it is a great time to continue to explore options in your career pathway prior to starting your clinical rotations.

Goal M2 Year – Explore Options

To meet with at least one faculty for an informational interview about their specialty and explore other specialties through shadowing or research. Steps to help you achieve this goal:

  • Attend M2 Orientation and learn an overview of the M2 Career Advising Roadmap
  • Meet with one of the Student Affairs Deans or Regional Campus Deans to check in with your academic and personal progress so far in medical school
  • Attend the M2 Class Meeting on Networking and Informational Interviews in the fall
  • Continue to complete your Career Advising Portfolio on the Student Affairs Canvas site
  • Attend the Understanding Yourself Workshop in your House meeting in the fall. In what ways have your skills, values, and career interests evolved in the past year?
  • Meet with your House Advisor at least once in the fall to discuss informational interviews and pairing with a faculty member in the specialty of your choice
  • Register for Step 1 October through February
  • Attend the M2 Class meeting about Preparing to take Step 1
  • Set up at least one informational interview with a faculty member in the fall
  • Attend the M2 class meeting about third year overview in the spring
  • Meet with your house advisor at least once in the spring semester to check-in on career planning process, results of informational interviews and third year
  • Continue to explore options through interest group meetings, shadowing opportunities, the College of Medicine’s virtual career fair or local Medical Society’s activities for students
  • Check out Careers in Medicine Specialty Profiles page to gather information about specialty pathways
  • Take Step 1 in April or May