Your third year of medical school is often the most exciting part of your career pathway process as you experience a wide variety of specialties in the clinical realm. This phase in our curriculum is called the  Application Phase as you apply all the knowledge you gained during the first two years to real patients. Though you still have your House Advisor at your fingertips you will be paired with a Clinical Coach (see more information below) through your Entrustment in Clinical Medicine (ECM) course who will guide you through skill development and career advising on a more individual basis.

Goal M3 Year – Choose a Specialty

To explore the main specialties throughout M3 year and choose a specialty or specialties to apply to for residency. Steps to help you achieve this goal:

  • Attend M3 Orientation and learn about the Career Advising Roadmap for the year
  • Meet with your Clinical Coach individually at least 3 times during the M3 year to discuss your career planning process
  • Attend the M3 Class Meeting about choosing a specialty and CV preparation in October
  • Attend the optional Class Meeting about Away Rotations in January
  • Register for Step 2 in December through March
  • Attend the M3 Class Meeting about Fourth Year Scheduling in February
  • Meet with the Advanced Development Director (ADD) in your specialty to discuss electives in 4th year and your overall schedule in February or March
  • Apply for your M4 schedule by end of April
  • Have your schedule approved by the ADD in your specialty
  • Attend Matchworks in April to learn about the residency application process and meet Program Directors in your desired specialty
  • Continue to work on your Career Advising Portfolio through ECM and complete an outline of your personal statement by the time the year is through
  • Attend Reflections on a White Coat and Orientation to M4 year to share reflections of your first clinical year and get a deeper dive into ERAS applications
  • Attend the optional Step 2 panel