In response to the increasing demands of medical education a group of students, with unwavering support from faculty and administration, developed an organization dedicated to prioritizing personal wellness at the UK College of Medicine. Although this group cannot alleviate the pressures of becoming a physician, their goal is to strengthen the resilience of medical students as they begin careers in medicine. 

Resilient is a student-led organization that was established to make personal wellness a priority for all students. This medical student organization is dedicated to improving personal wellness through prevention of burnout, intervention for students who need support, and de-stigmatization of seeking care. Resilient helps make mental health resources more accessible and facilitates open conversations about mental well-being.

Resilient student organization logo; blue background with words "Resilient: Be Well. Do Good."

In order to provide compassionate, empathic, and humanistic care to patients, medical students and doctors must take care of themselves first.

Student Contacts

Lexington Campus:  Maddie Mitcham, and Connor Stewart,
Northern Kentucky Campus:  Krista Murphy, and Alan Ford,
Bowling Green Campus:  Abbigayle Willgruber,,  and Tayla Nathoo,