Welcome to the beginning of your career pathway journey! The University of Kentucky College of Medicine follows the AAMC’s Careers in Medicine program to guide you in choosing the right specialty. Within the first few months of starting medical school you will receive your login information to explore the Careers in Medicine website and take advantage of the all the resources it holds.

Goal M1 Year – Understand Yourself

To use the available resources in order to better understand your interests, skills and values. Use this knowledge gained to understand what types of specialties might fit these interests, skills and values. Steps to help you achieve this goal:

  • Attend M1 Orientation and learn an overview of what it takes to become a doctor
  • Attend the M1 Class meeting in the fall called Introduction to Careers in Medicine and the Career Advising Roadmap for your first year
  • Meet with one of the Student Affairs Deans or Regional Campus Deans to better understand the resources available within the College of Medicine
  • Attend the Understanding Yourself Workshop in your House meeting in the fall
  • Complete the Medical Specialty Preference Inventory prior to your House Advisor Meeting in the fall
  • Begin your Career Advising Portfolio on the Student Affairs Canvas site
  • Meet with your House Advisor once in the fall and once in the spring to discuss medical school wellness and career advising
  • Commit to one or two exploration activities such as interest group meetings, shadowing opportunities, the College of Medicine’s virtual career fair or local Medical Society’s activities for students