Eligible individuals must have a faculty appointment (full-time, part-time, adjunct or voluntary) and have previously received an Academy of Medical Educator Excellence in Education Award. 


Membership recognizes highly accomplished educational leaders, who colleagues and program leaders can consult for advice on educational issues.  Academy members will collaborate to ensure continued excellence for the educational mission of the UK College of Medicine. 


Members of Academy actively participate in the work to promote educational excellence in the UK College of Medicine community.  Each Academy member will work with a primary committee dedicated to a specific area.

Academy Committees

  • Executive Committee: Provides overall leadership to Academy, directing educational offerings, developing innovative programs and selecting members in the Academy.   
  • Clinical Teaching Development Committee:  Creates opportunities for faculty development in teaching and assessment skills for clinical settings.
  • Classroom Teaching Development Committee:  Creates opportunities for faculty in teaching and assessment skills for classroom settings.
  • Resident Teaching Development Committee:  Creates a program to develop the teaching and assessment skills of our residents and fellows, improving their skills as educators to students and other trainees.
  • Academy of Medical Educator Excellence in Medical Education Award Committee:  Recognizes outstanding educational contributions by reviewing applications for the Academy of Medical Educator Award.

Member Appointments

Appointments for members are 2 years in length, during which time they actively participate in the educational community, fulfilling a few minimum service expectations:

  • Maintain the high level of work in education and teaching that qualified them for membership
  • Actively participate in Academy activities (Minimum 10 hours per year)
    • Participation in Academy committee meetings
    • Participation in Academy-sponsored faculty development activities
    • Formal mentoring of a junior faculty member, resident or student in education
    • Delivery of departmental faculty development activities under the auspices of the Academy

Membership Opportunity

The Academy will be soliciting for members after the fall College of Medicine Convocation.