Scholarly Concentration Program

The Scholarly Concentration Program is an academic elective program for students who choose to enhance their education in an area of interest beyond the required medical school core curriculum. It is voluntary and not a graduation requirement. Participation provides students with an opportunity for a deeper dive into a chosen area in medicine, gaining more specialized knowledge and experience. The overall goals of the Scholarly Concentration Program are to promote intellectual curiosity, appreciation of scholarly inquiry, and the ability to work both independently and collaboratively. 

By the end of the program, the student will:

  • Gain exposure to scholarship within their concentration.

  • Enhance understanding of the chosen area through experiential learning.

  • Develop skills in critical thinking, self-directed learning, written, and oral communication.

Students must be in good academic standing to participate in the program, and any change may result in a student being required to withdraw from the program. A student choosing a scholarly concentration is making a commitment to learning a discipline and will result in special designation of those activities on their dean’s letter. 

Global Health Scholarly Concentration

The Global Health Scholarly Concentration aims to provide a foundational knowledge of global health through structured and immersive learning experiences. To this end, students will study foundations of global health, explore related areas through elective courses and complete an immersive experience in a global health setting aimed at getting micro and macro perspectives on health through participation in a non-US health system. 

Contact: Joel Hamm, MD,

Clinical and Translational Research Scholarly Concentration

Due to the extent of their patient interaction, physicians are uniquely positioned to pinpoint specific needs in clinical practice and to use their scientific training to develop targeted solutions. This program will allow students to add essential training tools as stepping stones for future academic and clinical scientist careers. 

Contact: Peter Sawaya, MD,

Bioethics and Clinical Ethics Scholarly Concentration

The Bioethics and Clinical Ethics Scholarly Concentration provides comprehensive training in clinical ethics, allowing interested students to explore clinical ethics foundations, complex cases, and controversial bioethics topics.

Contact: Caroline Buchanan, PhD,