Victoria Jones and Berry Seelbach, MD

Helping Students Achieve Their Goals

The Office of Medical Education is responsible for coordinating services that relate to students and the associated educational programs of the College of Medicine.

Roles of the Office of Medical Education are to select well-qualified students, provide a variety of support services to help students achieve their educational goals, and assure high standards for graduation from the College of Medicine. 

Curriculum Overview

The UK College of Medicine MD program is a single program delivered at multiple campuses. Program courses will have the same objectives and same assessments across sites with the opportunity for varied teaching methods.

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Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Learn more about the individuals who lead our curricular initiatives and direct the College of Medicine courses and clerkships. 

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Standardized Patient Program

Our standardized patients at all of our campuses are rigorously trained to portray a wide variety of clinical scenarios with diverse backgrounds. Exam rooms at all campuses are designed to mimic a standard clinic room with all necessary equipment. Students interact with these standardized patients through various combinations of taking a history, performing a physical exam, sharing information, and counseling.