How to Apply

To apply to our school, please complete a VSLO application for your preferred electives and dates.  For more information, visit the VSLO website. Do not submit an application until it is complete. Incomplete applications will be denied. 

Find Electives

The course catalog for 2022-2023 is available in VSLO as well as OASIS.

Eligibility and Required Documents

Click here for an eligibility and required documents list. If the requirements indicate that you must upload a document, you must do so, even if the item is verified by your registrar in VSLO. The University of Kentucky College of Medicine must also have an affiliation agreement with your school that allows students from your school to do clinical rotations at UK College of Medicine. Once you apply, we will begin the process of establishing an affiliation agreement with your school.  If the agreement is not finalized by the time of your rotation, your rotation will be cancelled.

Contacting Faculty

Do not contact any faculty or clinical department prior to your acceptance for a rotation. Doing so is considered a professionalism breach and may disqualify you from doing rotations at UK. For courses that require faculty permission for all students, the required application materials provide faculty with what they need to make placements. There is no need to contact them directly.  Simply upload any documentation requested in the course description.

Placement Fee

If you are accepted for a visiting student rotation, you will need to pay a one-time $75 placement fee regardless of how many rotations you are doing. When you accept our offer of a rotation, go to UK’s Visiting Medical Student Authorize.Net page to pay your non-refundable $75.00.


Application Withdrawal

If you are accepted for a visiting student rotation and decide not to accept it or to withdraw from it, you must withdraw via VSLO at least one month prior to the start of the rotation. Failure to provide notification of withdrawal from an approved rotation will be reported to the dean of your medical school. If withdrawal occurs within one month before start date, please email Brendan McCarthy to be removed. 


If accepted for a rotation, you will be informed of the time and place for your orientation. You must complete this orientation before you can begin any part of the rotation. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your rotation. If you are given conflicting instructions by faculty or staff, contact Brendan McCarthy immediately.


If you are searching for housing, please visit This link is a housing website for visiting students.