University of Kentucky College of Medicine requires all accepted students (including students accepted to Early Decision and Early Assurance programs) to fulfill the following requirements prior to matriculation.

Plan to Enroll 

  • Beginning Feb. 21, applicants can select “Plan to Enroll” through the AMCAS Choose Your Medical School Tool.
  • Beginning April 15, applicants holding more than three offers should narrow their offers of acceptance to three,  with no limit on alternate-list offers.


Commit to Enroll

  • Beginning April 30, accepted applicants will have two options to select: “Plan to Enroll” or “Commit to Enroll” through the AMCAS Choose Your Medical School Tool. Selecting “Commit to Enroll” indicates that the applicant has made a final selection and withdrawn all other applications if applicable.
  • The "Commit to Enroll" deadline at UK College of Medicine is July 8, 2024 for the application cycle of 2024. 

Note: If a date falls on a weekend or holiday, the next business day applies.

3 medical students walking down a hallway

Final Transcript Request

The University of Kentucky College of Medicine requires all accepted students to submit official transcripts from each school of higher education attended prior to matriculation.  Transcripts must reflect the courses documented on the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) application, and must reflect acceptable academic performance after the admission decision. 

Transcripts submitted to AMCAS are not forwarded to the College of Medicine. In late April or early May, the Admissions Office requests that accepted students send official transcripts of each school attended to the College of Medicine, including a transcript that specifically states the degree awarded. Students must ensure that:

  • The courses they signed up to take as stated on their application have been taken.
  • Students have maintained acceptable academic performance (e.g. a minimum of a C grade).
  • The final transcript must be received by June 15, 2024
  • All prerequisite coursework should be fulfilled. 

Students who will not complete their degree until after the summer term can send their final official transcript with the degree awarded at that time. However, the UK College of Medicine will need a copy of their spring semester grade report for verification of grades.  Students whose final transcript reflects poor academic performance will be referred to the Admissions Committee for review and possible reconsideration of the offer of admission.

Other Requirements for Admitted Students

Criminal Background Check

The University of Kentucky College of Medicine requires conditionally admitted applicants to consent to, and satisfactorily complete, a criminal background check prior to final acceptance and matriculation into the medical doctor degree programs though the AAMC-facilitated Criminal Background Check Service.  The result of the admitted applicant's criminal background check must be received by June 15, 2023. Enrollment will not be final until the completion of the criminal background check with results deemed acceptable. All expenses associated with the criminal background check are the responsibility of the applicant/student, either directly or through arrangements with an appropriate centralized application service. 

Students, who do not consent to the required background check, refuse to provide information necessary to conduct the background check, or provide false or misleading information about the background check will be subject to disciplinary action up to, and including, refusal of admission or dismissal from the program.

Annual and Ongoing Requirements

To enroll in the class, students must meet the UK College of Medicine annual and ongoing requirements. Please browse Student Requirements under Student Affairs and follow the instructions. 

Additional Requirements for Admitted International students

Prior to the request for the F-1 SEVIS transfer, admitted students are required to provide the following items to UK College of Medicine:

  1. a copy of visa page,
  2. a copy of the I-94 form,
  3. deposit funds equivalent to two years of cost of attendance (including living expenses) as determined by the UK College of Medicine Financial Aid Office in an escrow account established by the UK College of Medicine Business Officer.