In response to the continued growth of the University of Kentucky College of Medicine and the evolving landscape of medical education, the Office of Medical Education is happy to announce a new curriculum leadership structure ahead of the 2021-2022 academic year.

Alan Hall, MD, will transition from his position in competency assessment to a newly-created position: the assistant dean of curriculum integration. In his new role Dr. Hall will work with course and clerkship directors and thread leaders to strengthen the horizontal and vertical integration of material throughout the College of Medicine’s curriculum. He will work to ensure consistency of content across courses and curricular phases and to optimize sequencing and scaffolding of knowledge and skill development over the entirety of the curriculum.

Jagriti Chadha, MD, has been named the new assistant dean of competency assessment. Dr. Chadha has extensive medical education experience, having served multiple roles in the curriculum including as a preceptor in the Introduction to Clinical Medicine and Advanced Clinical Medicine courses and as a clinical coach in the Entrustment in Clinical Medicine course. In her new position, she will work to continue to define and appropriately assess student skills on competencies and entrustable professional activities. Dr. Chadha will work closely with key stakeholders to design, implement, evaluate, and integrate assessments across all the curriculum.

Helen Garces, MS, is the new assistant dean for curriculum and assessment management. In her new role, she will provide administrative guidance to the Medical Student Curriculum Committee and will aid in the design, implementation, and management of a curriculum and assessment system across all sites that is compliant with accreditation body requirements.

These members join existing leadership including Deborah Erickson, MD, assistant dean for pre-clinical education and John Ragsdale, MD, MS, assistant dean for clinical education. Curriculum leadership is headed by Andy Ayoob, MD, associate dean for curriculum and assessment.

"The new curriculum leadership structure recognizes the importance of curriculum management in ensuring delivery of a comparable curriculum at all regional sites and focuses on continuity of content and assessment across courses and clerkships," Dr. Ayoob said.