Stephanie Leung, MD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Internal Medicine. If you are a medical student and would like to connect with Dr. Leung, you can reach her by email here. 

You can also learn more about other ADDs and see a full listing of them here. 

Q: What do you do clinically?

A: Hospital medicine.

Q: What is one thing you love about your clinical specialty?

A: That we get to be part of very important moments of our patient's lives. 

Q: What is one thing you love about being an ADD?

A: I love helping students find their careers and get them there. 

Q: What is something you do outside of work to help you recharge?

A: I like to run and bake desserts (then eat them). 

Q: Any advice for students who might be interested in your specialty?

A: Choose your specialty because you love it. Don't let money or time change your decision.

Q: How did you choose your specialty?

A: I chose internal medicine and hospital medicine because of the patient stories I've heard and the amazing colleagues I get to work with. 

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