Campbell Grant, MD, is an assistant professor in the department of urology. If you are a medical student and would like to connect with Dr. Grant, you can reach him by email here. 

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Q: What do you do clinically?

A: I am a pediatric urologist.

Q: What is one thing you love about your clinical specialty?

A: I love getting to work with kids and making parents feel at ease.

Q: What is one thing you love about being an ADD?

A: I love being able to mentor medical students and provide advice to help guide future physicians in their careers.

Q: What is something you do outside of work to help you recharge?

A: I like baking, mostly cookies. Snickerdoodles are my specialty.

Q: Any advice for students who might be interested in your specialty?

A: Urology is super competitive, but you don’t necessarily have to decide on urology early on to do it. Getting involved in research early can be helpful, but it doesn’t have to be urology-specific.

Q: How did you choose your specialty?

A: I have always gotten along well with the personalities in the specialty. We are all easy going as far as surgeons, and it helps to have a good sense of humor doing what we do every day. Additionally, it is a nice mix of clinic and operating room experiences.