The University of Kentucky College of Medicine is pleased to announce that Michelle Lineberry, EdD, will assume a new role as the associate dean for student development and progress on Nov. 15. 

Dr. Lineberry has demonstrated tremendous leadership in medical education across many years and a variety of roles. Dr. Lineberry joined the Office of Medical Education in 2014 as the curriculum research and leadership development director and later served as assistant dean for students and academic success. 

Since 2020, she has served as the associate dean for student affairs and, during that time, has effectively managed a large student affairs team across multiple campuses and coordinated complex efforts to support learners both individually and collectively. 

In her new role as associate dean for student development and progress, Dr. Lineberry will oversee career advising, academic support, and student progress through the medical education program. She will continue to support and promote success for learners across all sites: Bowling Green, Lexington, Morehead, and Northern Kentucky. 

“Dr. Lineberry is an amazing resource to students, staff, and faculty in the college. Her leadership in enhancing our career advising structure, developing our learning communities, and supporting student academic success demonstrates the breadth of her skillset,” said Stephanie White, MD, MS, senior associate dean for medical education. “We are fortunate to hone into her areas of expertise in this new role as she supports the academic, professional, and career growth of our students.” 

Dr. Lineberry will serve as an assistant professor within the division of academic medical education and continue to support our first-year medical students as an Introduction to Clinical Medicine preceptor. She will also continue to provide advising to learners and mentorship to faculty across the institution. 

Given Dr. Lineberry’s extensive experience in student affairs and development, she is uniquely poised to take on this new role. Dr. Lineberry has demonstrated her ability to design and implement innovative strategies, as well as her expertise in enhancing educational experiences and promoting the holistic development of our learners. 

“In her approach to struggling students, Dr. Lineberry is able to incorporate an appreciation for the impact of personal life events on each student’s success. She is committed to ensuring the right outcome for each student, each time,” said John Ragsdale, MD, MS, assistant dean for clinical education. 

Dr. Lineberry received her Doctor of Education in health promotion from the University of Kentucky and her Master of Arts in clinical psychology from the University of Dayton. 

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Lineberry on this new endeavor!