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Do you have questions about participating in research at the College of Medicine? Remember that there are opportunities listed on Sharepoint, and you can discuss shadowing contacts and available opportunities with your house advisors. 

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COVID-19 and Illness

We are seeing lots of COVID-19 cases in Kentucky! Please continue to take every precaution to stay healthy including masking, wearing eye protection in clinical areas, and hand-washing. 

If you do become ill, please submit an excused absence request and seek medical attentionIf you test positive for COVID, please contact UK HealthCorps at HealthCorps@uky.edu or 859-218-SAFE. HealthCorps can advise on when to return to school/clinical work, provide documentation of your isolation period for excused absences, and offer support resources. Importantly, Health Corps is monitoring rates of infection for the University and uses that information to inform decisions in consultation with local health officials.


Excused Absences

If you are going to miss a required activity (e.g., exam, quiz, ICM/ACM/ECM small group or workshop, clinical assignment) for any reason, you must submit an excused absence request on the student portal (fourth link). Submit the request as soon as you know you will be absent.

  • M3-M4 students – absences exceeding the allowable number for length of clerkship must be made up regardless of reason
  • M4 students – absences for residency interviews will always be excused, but make up time is required if more than 2 days missed

Inclement Weather Policy

Full policy can be found on student portal (first link on student portal).

  • M1 – M2 - follow the policies and protocols local to each campus.
  • *M3 – M4 - To align with policies of the other health care colleges, students are required to report for clinical duties as scheduled. If travel would place student at risk of serious injury, student should submit excused absence request.

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