Kentucky's Flagship Med School
Providing superior training in order to develop highly skilled and compassionate physicians to serve Kentucky and beyond.


We take pride in our superior education and training in order to produce highly qualified, caring physicians who serve the people of Kentucky and beyond.

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Student Affairs

We are here to help guide students throughout their medical school careers, giving access to support services that enrich their experiences and help ensure their academic success.



Delivered across four regional sites in diverse and inclusive environments, our Kentucky Integrated Curriculum follows three distinct phases.

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The UK College of Medicine three-year match rate average
campuses, including a rural medicine training site
Percentage of students from the Class of 2023 pursuing residency in Kentucky
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Addressing the Most Urgent Health Care Needs

By joining the UK College of Medicine, you'll be part of addressing physician shortages and helping to meet some of the most urgent health care needs in Kentucky and beyond. Across 4 regional sites, rural medicine training, and combined degrees, you'll have access to everything you need in order to succeed in your medical career and become a part of the solution.