One of the key elements in our faculty development process is compulsory participation by our assistant professors in a Career Development Committee (CDC). Every six months, each junior faculty member meets with their CDC comprised of three senior faculty members (associate professors and/or professors) to review and discuss how things are progressing in their career. The CDC members provide career development advice, guidance on CV development, and networking opportunities to help with identifying prospects for speaking, research, teaching, and other activities. For Assistant Professors, participation in a CDC is now a departmental requirement for the promotion process, as the CDC members are the ones who will review and recommend a faculty member for promotion when the anticipated promotion mark arrives at year 6 of appointment here at UK. 

Junior Faculty CDC Duties

  1. Following the initial meeting, take on the responsibility of scheduling the meetings every six months with your CDC
  2. Notify the office of the Vice Chair of Faculty and Academic Affairs (Tom Collins) when your meetings are scheduled
  3. Meet every six months with your assigned faculty CDC
  4. Provide your up-to-date CV in UK format for your CDC members at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting
  5. Review the CDC members’ feedback on current career progression and viability regarding promotion at the anticipated mark (year 6 of appointment at UK)
  6. Complete and submit the online CDC Meeting Document HERE
  7. Appreciate the time and help of your CDC. Take action to advance your career.

CDC Member Duties

  1. Meet every six months as a triad with assigned individual junior faculty member (mentee)
  2. Review the mentee’s up-to-date CV prior to the scheduled meeting and provide to the mentee during the meeting constructive critiques, suggestions, comments, etc on how the mentee is progressing academically toward the target of promotion at the anticipated 6-year mark of appointment, as well as ways to improve progress and viability for promotion
  3. Make a formal recommendation for promotion when the CDC feels the faculty member is ready (this will serve in place of the division chief’s recommendation and the vetting process heretofore performed by the Department review committee)

Promotion and Tenure Resources

Consistent with the University of Kentucky’s long-standing history of excellence and continuous improvement, the Task Force on Faculty Affairs recommended the following underlying principles for promotion and tenure decisions:

  • Education, Research, and Service
  • University Regulations Apply to ALL Faculty
  • Expectations and Evaluations for Success
  • Necessary Resources and Time
  • Academic Freedom
  • Encourage Professional Development
  • Productivity Throughout a Career

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