In most cases, pregnancy lasts for 39 or 40 weeks, allowing for full gestational development before birth. But in many instances, that’s not always the case. Each year, around 380,000 premature babies are born in the United States.

Babies born before full gestation often require specialized care to help them grow and develop. This type of care is called neonatology, and it’s not limited to premature babies. Neonatology treatment is also necessary in some cases for babies born at full gestation who have illnesses or issues with development after birth.


Neonatology Services

Anytime a patient is critically ill, intensive care is needed. But that’s especially true for the smallest patients.

Neonatologists receive intense education related to illnesses, injuries and birth defects that may affect both premature babies and other newborns. Working together with nurses, social workers and counselors on the NICU team, they help diagnose medical conditions, provide neonatology procedures and offer other neonatology services to treat those conditions.

Our ultimate goal is to alleviate symptoms and promote growth and development to allow babies to leave the hospital and go home with their families.