Clear Goals

Clearly defining personal and professional goals that the mentee wants to achieve through the mentoring relationship.

Proactive Engagement

Actively participating in the mentoring process by initiating communication, scheduling meetings, and expressing specific needs or concerns.

Open Communication

Establishing open and honest communication with the mentor, sharing experiences, challenges, and aspirations, and being receptive to feedback.

Preparation for Meetings

Being prepared for mentoring sessions by reflecting on progress, challenges, and topics to discuss. This includes bringing specific questions or issues to the mentor.

Commitment to Development

Demonstrating commitment to personal and professional development by actively working on action items identified in collaboration with the mentor.

Feedback Receptivity

Being open to receiving constructive feedback from the mentor and using it as a tool for growth and improvement.

Initiative in Learning

Taking the initiative to seek learning opportunities, acquire new skills, and apply knowledge gained through the mentoring relationship.

Respect for the Mentor’s time

Valuing the mentor's time and adhering to scheduled meetings and commitments. Being mindful of the mentor's availability and respecting any guidelines or boundaries established.


Holding oneself accountable for the agreed-upon actions and responsibilities within the mentoring relationship.


Maintaining a professional attitude, confidentiality, and respect for the mentor's expertise and insights.

Feedback to the Mentor

Providing feedback to the mentor on the effectiveness of the mentoring relationship and communicating any adjustments or preferences to enhance the experience.

By aligning with these expectations, mentees contribute to a positive and constructive mentoring relationship, maximizing the benefits of the mentor's guidance and expertise. It's important for mentees to be proactive, engaged, and focused on their own growth to make the most of the mentoring experience.