Tom Collins

Welcome to the College of Medicine's Department of Pediatrics’ Office of Faculty Development and Academic Affairs here at the University of Kentucky! Our mission is to empower our faculty members to discover their purpose, deploy their passion, and develop themselves and their careers for success far beyond our campus. Investing in the professional and personal growth of our clinicians, educators, and scientists not only aligns with our values but also directly correlates with the delivery of high-quality patient care, student instruction, and scientific inquiry. We aim to foster an environment where every faculty member thrives, contributing to a collegial culture that benefits the entire UK community and beyond.  

As a dynamic component of our commitment to faculty growth, this webpage serves as a gateway to numerous resources for supporting our faculty’s development. Here, you can navigate through links to developmental videos and materials designed to enrich your skills and knowledge. We want this space to be as vibrant and beneficial as possible, and thus, it's a perpetual work-in-progress, continuously evolving to meet your needs. If you see something missing or an area where you want more information, please let us know. Your feedback is the crucial catalyst for the continual refinement and enhancement of this platform. Join us on this collaborative endeavor, and let's cultivate an environment where faculty development thrives.

Tom Collins, MD, MS
Vice Chair of Faculty and Academic Affairs