What Our Residents Have to Say About the University of Kentucky

Halloween with our General Inpatient Pediatric Wards Team 2019

Chioma Allen, PGY-3

“Back when I did my wards month at UK I knew it was the place for me. I instantly connected with the people, and the way of life here. UK embodied everything I wanted and more including a good class size, great learning opportunities, awesome people, and a comfortable work atmosphere.”

Med Peds Resident Burton Hendrickson, Triple Board Resident Haley Wehder, and Categorical Resident Daniel Helfer taking a moment to spread the joy at work!

Gabby Kahler, PGY-3

“How genuine and kind the residents were. It stood out from the other programs. Also loved the Lexington area, and this is coming from a born and raised Californian! A wonderful area to be for residency and maybe beyond!”

residents sharing notes about a patient

Madaleine Meeks, PGY-3

“I immediately felt at home when I moved to Lexington. I fell in love with the people, the bourbon and the beautiful landscape."

Post-Graduate Students