Underlying Principles

Consistent with the University of Kentucky’s long-standing history of excellence and continuous improvement, the Task Force on Faculty Affairs recommended the following underlying principles for promotion and tenure decisions:

Education, Research, and Service

The College of Medicine’s faculty structure and its policies and procedures for appointment, promotion, and tenure should flow from, and be consistent with, the equal and interrelated mission of the College:  education, research and service.

University Regulations Apply to ALL Faculty

Procedures adhere to University regulations and are intended to be consistent with those regulations, as well as being intended to govern all faculty members appointed in any basic science or clinical department of the College (with or without concurrent medical staff privileges in Chandler Medical Center).

Expectations and Evaluations for Success

Each department has developed indications of excellence in that discipline and the process used for evaluating faculty members. Each of these Departmental Statement of Evidences (DSE) have been approved by the Provost of the University of Kentucky, and have been posted on the departmental website.

Necessary Resources and Time

Junior faculty members must be given the necessary resources, including time, to meet the guidelines for promotion. An initial investment of institutional resources is particularly important at the Assistant Professor level in tenure-possible positions, given the limited probationary period.

Academic Freedom

The College supports the principle of academic freedom and the role of tenure as a means of helping to ensure academic freedom in the College setting.

Encourage Professional Development

Division chiefs, department chairs, and other administrators must be evaluated, in part, on their ability to appoint, develop, and promote faculty members who are successful.

Productivity Throughout a Career

Time spent in various activities should correspond to the mission and needs of the College and the Department, the faculty workload policy, and the interests and productivity of the faculty member. Ongoing review of a faculty member’s success in using allocated resources, including time, should occur.