The Faculty Council is a body of elected delegates that provide the means by which the faculty can expeditiously discharge its responsibility to deal with and initiate educational and academic policy matters which transcend departmental responsibilities. Councilors are the faculty’s voice and liaison with the Dean’s Office and the Chair’s Council.

Council Members

Melinda E Wilson, PhD, Physiology, 2023
Wayne Cass, PhD, Neuroscience 2022 - 2025
Nathan Vanderford, PhD, MBA, Toxicology and Cancer Biology 2022 - 2025
Claire Clark, PhD, MPH, Behavioral Science 2020 - 2023
Barbara Nikolajczyk, PhD, Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences 2020 - 2023
Aftab Chishti, MD, Pediatrics 2022 - 2025
Jason Bylund, MD, Urology 2021 - 2024
Amy Meadows, MD, Psychiatry 2021 - 2024
Sandra Beck, MD, Surgery 2020 - 2023
Siddharth Kapoor, MD, Neurology 2020 - 2023
Janna Neltner, MD, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 2020 - 2023
Dale Toney, MD, Internal Medicine 2020 - 2023
Ann Stowe, PhD, Neurology CY2023
Kevin Hatton, MD, PhD, Anesthesiology CY2023