Medical Student Curriculum Committee (MSCC)

The Medical Student Curriculum Committee ensures that students in the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree learn the requisite knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors to progress to residency training. The committee functions in accordance with the LCME Standard 8.1 mandate that “an institutional body (e.g., a faculty committee) oversees the medical education program as a whole and has responsibility for the overall design, management, integration, evaluation, and enhancement of a coherent and coordinated curriculum.” 

Staff Contact: Joel Correa at 859-257-8909 or 

Minutes can be found on The Loop

Biomedical Education Curriculum Committee (BECC)

The Biomedical Education Curriculum Committee ensures that proposed College of Medicine-led courses and programs at the graduate (PhD and Master's) and undergraduate level are appropriate in content for the discipline and level involved; that the courses and programs fit with college and university needs, and that course management and evaluation are appropriately addressed.

Staff Contact: Dorcas Beatty at 257-5286 or  

Minutes can be found on The Loop

Student Progress and Promotion Committee (SPPC)

The Student Progress and Promotions Committee (SPPC) is a faculty committee charged with monitoring student progress from matriculation to graduation.  The committee regularly evaluates each student’s development to assure that students graduating from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree program have the necessary knowledge, skills, demeanor, and ethical principles essential to professional competence. After review, the committee makes recommendations to the dean of the College of Medicine on such actions as graduation, promotion, remediation, dismissal, and leaves of absence. The dean of the College of Medicine has final authority on all matters of student progress and promotion.

Staff Contact: Brendan McCarthy at or

Minutes can be found on The Loop

College of Medicine Admissions Committee (CMAC)

  1. Recommend policies, requirements, and procedures for admission to the College of Medicine for first-year students and those for advanced standing in the educational program for the degree of Doctor of Medicine.
  2. Evaluate the qualifications of applicants and recommend those selected for admission to the Dean of the College of Medicine.
  3. Evaluate the various tools, criteria, and procedures used in the process of appraisal and selection of applicants; study the trends of applications and admissions to medical schools locally, regionally, and nationally; engage in recruitment activities and such other appropriate steps as may be useful in obtaining highly qualified medical students who also may be representative of diverse social and cultural backgrounds.
  4. Participate, as may be appropriate and feasible, in visits to other colleges and universities, in conferences relating to admission, in career day programs, and in other appropriate activities related to recruitment and admissions.
  5. Coordinate and guide the activities of faculty members and students who serve as interviewers of prospective students; receive and evaluate interview reports and recommendations of interviewers as a source of information on the suitability of prospective candidates.

The College of Medicine Admissions Committee has the responsibility and final authority for accepting students to the medical school who possess the intelligence, integrity, and personal and emotional characteristics to become competent physicians. 

Staff Contact:  Jodi Davenport at 859-323-6161

Minutes can be found on The Loop