Helping Faculty Advance

The Office of Faculty Affairs and Development is invested in the professional growth of our faculty at the UK College of Medicine. From workshops and programs to national trainings and conferences, you can explore all of these options by clicking the links below.

New faculty may want to attend three different orientations

1) UK HealthCare

2) UK Main Campus

3) UK College of Medicine

College of Medicine Leadership Development Academy

The College of Medicine offers a leadership training program. This College of Medicine program differs from the other leadership programs in that the focus is primarily related to leadership skills and tasks leading an academic unit. The purpose of our Leadership Academy is to provide new leaders with critical, logistical and developmental knowledge and tools for them to successfully lead an academic unit. Participants will learn basic tools and tactics to help navigate their leadership role and to become acquainted with and acclimated to the College of Medicine policies and procedures.

Participants will

  • Understand and utilize College of Medicine policies including establishment and revision of DOE, annual performance evaluation, faculty conflict of interest/overload requests, nepotism issues, requesting new faculty positions (RTRs), conducting searches 
  • Understand College of Medicine budgeting process and financial statements, sources of funding for academic activities 
  • Understand and guide faculty through components of faculty appointments including appointments, promotions and/or tenure; utilize statements of evidences for conduct of 2- and 4-year faculty reviews and promotion 
  • Understand UK/College of Medicine HR processes and personnel management, and develop guidelines for professionalism 
  • Set mission/vision statements for their respective department 
  • Develop strategies to manage difficult faculty and situations 
  • Create strategies to mentor and develop faculty’s skills in research and education 


The program will

  • Provide an interactive forum for educational leaders at all levels 
  • Address administrative and academic needs of higher education/organizational leadership
  • Develop the skills required for effective leadership 
  • Maximize the opportunity for conferees to interact, network and build community 


Each year, 20 faculty members are accepted into the Leadership Academy. This program is open to those currently in administrative leadership roles (current chairs, interim chairs, division chiefs, etc.) and those aspiring to these types of positions such as your vice chairs, division chiefs, program directors, medical directors, etc. A link to apply is sent to all College of Medicine faculty via email every July.

The College of Medicine Leadership Academy features eight sessions each Fall. Academy details announced each July.