The University of Kentucky College of Medicine is dedicated to training future leaders of health in Kentucky for Kentucky. Voluntary Faculty not only help in to fuel the instruction of Lexington Campus learners but are essential to the instruction of the Rural Physician Leadership Program in Morehead, Bowling Green Campus, and the Northern Kentucky Campus learners. Without a doubt, the College greatly benefits from the unwavering commitment of our Voluntary Faculty. The role that they play is crucial and the impact they have is felt and greatly appreciated.  

Currently, the College of Medicine has 821 voluntary faculty appointed throughout 68 of Kentucky's counties. Voluntary Faculty help take our learners’ education beyond the walls of UK and into the greater regions of the Commonwealth and beyond.  

College of Medicine Voluntary Faculty may be brought on to support education, research, or philanthropic endeavors. Voluntary Faculty regularly support and work with the College’s regional campuses, undergraduate medical education programs, and graduate medical education programs. 

Voluntary Faculty Benefits

  • Medical center library

  • UpToDate Access  - clearance is required for accessing UpToDate off-campus. Be sure to request this when obtaining your Link Blue ID and password through the UK Community Faculty Program Office (859) 323-8013. Off-campus users will not be able to access UpToDate from the link on the Medical Center Library’s home page. Instead, go to our UpToDate Anywhere Research Guide for details on accessing this resource off campus: From that page, click on the “UpToDate Access for UK-affiliated Off-campus Clinicians” tab. Then follow the instructions given. 


There are two ways to apply. An interested individual can self-nominate via our website, or they can be referred from the department.  


  • Once appointed, your voluntary appointment will be active until June 30, 2024. We are on a three-year cycle and the new reappointment process will start in the Fall of 2023. Any Voluntary Faculty member who do not wish to continue their appointment after June 30, 2024, can respectfully decline the reappointment by responding to the email from their department administrator by June 1, 2024.  Anyone who does not complete their paperwork for reappointment by June 1, 2024, will be resigned effective June 30, 2024.  

  • If a reappointment lapses, the former voluntary faculty member will need to go through the application once more. 

  • The faculty member can resign from their appointment at any time, for any reason by contacting their respective departments. 

Contact Information

  • For Lexington Campus Voluntary Faculty inquiries - contact
  • For Academic Medical Education (AME) Voluntary Faculty inquiries - contact Anna Lohman
  • For Northern Kentucky campus Voluntary Faculty inquiries - contact Amy Lorenzo 
  • For Bowling Green campus Voluntary Faculty inquiries - contact Penny Daniels 
  • For RPLP/Morehead campus Voluntary Faculty inquiries - contact Bodie Stevens 


Administrative Regulation 2:10

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