Fully Integrated into the Medical School Curriculum

The UK College of Medicine Department of Radiology has been committed to becoming fully integrated into the four-year medical student curriculum, beginning on day 1 of medical school in the MD 814 Clinical Anatomy and Radiology course.

 In 2012, the College of Medicine established the position of Radiology Discipline Coordinator for Andres (Andy) Ayoob. Dr. Ayoob has worked tirelessly to fulfill the Department’s goals of complete and meaningful integration of radiology into all appropriate courses throughout the basic science and clinical experience years of medical student education. Dr. Ayoob has been promoted to Assistant Dean for Educational Faculty Development, and continues to be involved in medical student education throughout the curriculum.

In 2017, Joseph Owen, MD became the second Radiology Discipline Coordinator, and continues to work on integrating and strengthening radiology education throughout the medical school curriculum.

Headshot of Dr. Andres Ayoob
Dr. Andres (Andy) Ayoob
Headshot of Dr. Joseph Owen
Dr. Joseph Owen
Curriculum Year Course Title Course Director / Radiology Director
M1 Anatomy Andres Ayoob, MD
Douglas Lukins, MD
Joseph Owen, MD
Barbara Pawley, MD
M1 Neurosciences Andres Ayoob, MD
M1 Musculoskeletal Integumentary System Joseph Owen, MD
Barbara Pawley, MD
Paul Spicer, MD
M2 Endocrinology & Reproduction Andres Ayoob, MD
Margaret Szabunio, MD
M2 Renal System Andres Ayoob, MD
M2 Respiratory System Andres Ayoob, MD
M2 GI/Nutrition Andres Ayoob, MD
Joseph Owen, MD
M2 Introduction to Neuroradiology Edward Escott, MD
M1/M2 Cardiovascular Imaging Course Director
(Elective) Course Director
M1/M2 Fundamentals of Abdominal Radiology James Lee, MD
(Elective) Course Director
M1/M2 Introduction to Breast Imaging Margaret Szabunio, MD
(Elective) Course Director
M1/M2 Introduction to Emergency Radiology Barbara Pawley, MD
(Elective) Course Director
M1/M2 Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Riham El Khouli, MD, PhD
(Elective) Course Director
M1/M2 Radiology Ultrasound Adrian Dawkins
(Elective) Course Director
M1/M2 Vascular & Interventional Radiology Driss Raissi, MD
(Elective) Course Director
M3 Pediatric Clerkship Barbara Pawley, MD
M3 Internal Medicine Clerkship Andres Ayoob, MD
M3 Neurology Clerkship Douglas Lukins, MD
M3 Family Medicine Clerkship Joseph Owen, MD
M3 Surgical Clerkship Andres Ayoob, MD
M3 Interventional Radiology Surgical Subspecialty Gaby Gabriel, MD
M3 Obstetrics & Gynecology Clerkship Joseph Owen, MD
M4 Clinical Clerkship in Diagnostic Radiology Douglas Lukins, MD
M4 Off-Site Clerkship in Diagnostic Radiology Joseph Owen, MD
M4 Special Topics Variable