Welcome to the UK College of Medicine Department of Radiology

The department of radiology is a great place to train and work!

The department of radiology is committed to providing superior patient care for children and adults. Our strong clinical, educational, and research programs ensure that the department continues to offer cutting-edge diagnostic imaging techniques and advanced interventional radiological therapies. The department serves patients from the local community and the surrounding regions, as well as through the Commonwealth of Kentucky and beyond.

Our core values drive our daily highest standards of practice:

  • Accessibility and responsiveness
  • Quality, safety and compliance
  • Professional interactions and personal communications

We strive for excellence in our three core missions:

  • Clinical Services
    • Practicing in subspecialized academic model
    • Offering robust platform of diagnostic imaging technologies and interventional services
    • Participating as integral members of multidisciplinary clinical care teams
  • Education and Scholarships
    • Promoting education through teaching of learners at all levels at UK and beyond
    • Instilling passion for lifelong learning
    • Enhancing reputation through presentations and publications
  • Radiology Research
    • Advancing Medicine through radiological research and related sciences
    • Creating and developing innovative programs that align with UK HealthCare initiatives
    • Building and strengthening collaborative multidisciplinary relationships

Please join us!

Headshot of Dr. M. Elizabeth Oates
M. Elizabeth Oates, MD, FAAWR, FACR
Rosembaum Endowed Chair of Radiology
Professor of Radiology and Medicine
Chair, Department of Radiology
Chief, Division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
University of Kentucky College of Medicine
UK HealthCare

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