Radiomics of CT Images for Characterization of Lung Cancer

Advanced Techniques to Predict Response to Treatment

Jie Zhang PhD, Dip ABR, is a professor of Radiology and Chief of the Division of Medical Physics. His research involves the use of CT imaging for the detection and characterization of lung cancer. Dr. Zhang has been working with members of the Institute for Biomedical Informatics to develop advanced techniques to analyze CT images of the lung and to derive quantitative measures to predict the response of lung nodules to lung cancer treatment – a radiomics approach. Toward that goal he is a co-investigator with Jin Chen, PhD, Associate Professor of Bioinformatics to develop a deep learning technique to standardize CT images acquired from CT scanners manufactured by different vendors and images created using different algorithms so that the images appear as if they came from a standard acquisition and reconstruction approach.  These investigators have recently secured funding from the National Cancer Institute to support their project STAN-CT, Standardization and Normalization of CT Images for Lung Cancer Patients. Read the research here.