Why Join Our Team?

Read testimonies from current trainees!

Olivia Bird

Olivia Bird

"Before becoming a part of this team, I had no prior connections to the field of psychology. Through the guidance of Dr. Marsac, Dr. Thomas, and the other RAs I was able to identify what my passion is. The opportunity to contribute to the important work this team does has allowed me to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses and develop specialized skills and experiences."

Natalie Hollon

Natalie Hollon

"Dr. Marsac and Dr. Smith-Thomas have been great mentors and resources for me during my undergraduate years. Through this lab, they have helped me gain experience in the pediatric psychology world and contribute to important research in the field."

Education and Training Opportunities


Undergraduate students have the opportunity to become research assistants in our very active lab.

  • PSY 395
  • PSY 495/496

Medical Students

For medical students, you can take a research elective (such as Introduction to Clinical Research) and start the process of identifying your research interests and potentially working with our lab.


Graduate Students

We offer specialized research in pediatric psychology training for clinical psychology graduate students in our lab.

  • Thesis / Dissertations

Pediatric Psychology Post-Doctoral Fellowship (2025-2027)

Pediatric Psychology Post-Doc fellows have built in research time to their fellowship. Fellows work on individual and lab projects. Past projects included research on QI NICU Screening, Medical Trauma, chapter writing, and others.

Trauma-informed Care Training

As a co-leader of the Center for Pediatric Traumatic Stress, we offer trainings and consultations to interdisciplinary medical teams and others who work with children with medical conditions. Contact Robyn Morris [rmo266@uky.edu ] if you are interested in learning more.