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Strengthen the quality and distinction of our educational programs to develop our learners into accomplished professionals and scholars who contribute through their clinical and community service, research and discovery, creative endeavors, and teaching.

Goals: 5
Tactics: 23
Metrics: 32

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Advance transfomative research through collaboration and innovation, leading to scientific impact and improved health for the people of Kentucky and beyond.

Goals: 4
Tactics: 20
Metrics: 4

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Clinical Care

Advance expert clinical care through highly engaged physicians, scientists, and health care teams using evidence-based practices, while embracing a patient- and family-centered culture.

Goals: 4
Tactics: 19
Metrics: 37

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Diversity and Inclusion

Enhance all forms of diversity through education, recruitment, hiring, retention, promotion, and initiatives to provide experiences that ensure inclusive excellence.

Goals: 3
Tactics: 12
Metrics: 44

56% Complete

Community Engagement

Establish bidirectional partnerships and employ leading-edge communication and technology, education, and research in innovative ways to advance the health of the people in Kentucky and beyond.

Goals: 4
Tactics: 15
Metrics: 14