Congratulations to the 2022-23 Healthy WAY graduates! 

UK CERH is pleased to recognize the following schools, students and faculty, for completing important research and advancing their leadership skills: 


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Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Healthy WAY Schools

Danville High School

Undertow - A student magazine for creative escape 
Students will design and publish a new student magazine to help peers cope with the psychological impact of the coronavirus, a time when many students found themselves isolated and not able to find connection and purpose.  This magazine will offer an outlet for students to share creative writings and artwork about something that has helped them find meaning, purpose and joy.  Students on the magazine team will learn Adobe InDesign and apply for membership in the National Scholastic Press Association.

Hazard High School

Navigating Nutrition the Bulldog Way
Can we improve student nutrition by exposing students to healthier options?  High-school students will partner with the school’s food services director and the food and nutrition teacher to create a recipe club and engage students in taste-testing recipes and trying new foods.

Logan County High School

I'll be there for You
Implement an awareness campaign at school and in the community to address concerns of mental health among students.  Green is the color used for mental health awareness. Activities will include a "green out" day at school and during a high-profile basketball game.  Increase awareness of how to seek help by widely promoting the mental health helpline phone number and textline number. Positive messaging on bracelets, public service announcements, banners, bookmarks, doors and bulletin boards will elevate the message of “Mental Health Matters”. 

Morgan County High School

Helping the Earth, One School at a Time
This project will introduce a new school-wide curriculum to teach sustainability practices and how to be more environmentally friendly. This project will implement a school recycling program, establish a "Green Club" and host an art contest using recycled materials.

Morgan County High School

Protect Our Students 
Students will implement a comprehensive violence-prevention strategy at their school.  Activities will include education on the prevention of sexual harassment among teens, as well as violence and risky behaviors.

Pikeville High School

Healthy Food, Healthy Life
Helping high school students understand healthy food choices and the effect on teenage body.  This project will include a school-wide educational campaign on healthy eating and opportunities to try new foods and taste-test healthy recipes.

Congratulations to the 2019-20 Healthy WAY Recipients

Buckhorn High School

Clean Air- Healthy Mouth, Lungs and Heart
Addressing student use of tobacco and vaping products and its impact on the health of all students and faculty.

Somerset Christian School

Live United
Working with Operation UNITE, the students will put together a one-day workshop to share with a group of Pulaski County High School students. Substance misuse education and prevention will be the focus.

Pikeville High School

Awesome Panthers
The students will look at the pros and cons of the current School Safety and Prevention Plan and work with others to make them strong so that they feel, and actually are, safer should a situation arise.