University of Kentucky Center of Excellence in Rural Health Research


Kentucky Homeplace

Kentucky Homeplace provides access to medical, social, and environmental services for the citizens of the Commonwealth. Research focuses on the evaluation of the effectiveness of the Kentucky Homeplace program regarding its ability to improve continuity of healthcare for participants, assist previously unserved persons in accessing the healthcare delivery system, and identify barriers to health care as well as finding potential solutions.

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Research Partnerships

The UK Center of Excellence in Rural Health has a long history of partnerships with other colleges, programs, and centers within the University of Kentucky, as well as external partners within our communities and other universities. In addition to diversity in partners, the UK CERH also plays a variety of roles in each research project. In some, we serve as a connection to the community and may only be initially involved to introduce the researcher to the area and people. In others, we have a very active role in which our project managers facilitate the proposed projects within the community, and in many cases, our faculty and staff are in principal or co-principal investigator roles. Regardless of our partner, or our role, we make sure we remain true to our research objective, which is to improve the wellbeing and effectiveness of healthcare for rural Kentuckians. We do this by ensuring each project aligns with our research mission of conducting rural health research related to health disparities, health outcomes, health policy, health care delivery systems, and workforce needs.

Learn more about our research and partnerships in our Annual Report.