The requirements of the program are divided into two phases: (1) the pre-professional phase (taken at the college of your choice) and (2) the professional phase (nine contiguous registration periods taken over three full years at the UK Center of Excellence in Rural Health-Hazard). For specific information about the prerequisite courses please go to:

The pre-professional phase may be completed at any four-year college or university (the first two years can be taken at any community college). It cannot be taken at the Center of Excellence in Rural Health-Hazard. During this phase, students take courses to satisfy the general studies requirements and major requirements at the University of choice, as well as required courses in biology (2), chemistry (2), physics (2), statistics (1), medical terminology (1), oral communication (1), and psychology (2). Students typically apply during the fall of the senior year of college.  The student should be on track to graduate with a bachelor’s degree by the end of the senior year. Students must attend a four-year college or university to have this upper division (junior and senior level) classes available. Students may also apply to the PT program after completion of a bachelor’s degree. In this case, the students are expected to have an overall GPA of 3.0, but a minimum of 2.75 is required. Questions concerning specific prerequisite qualifications are to be directed to:

For more information please contact:

Angie Phipps
Student Affairs Officer III
Health Sciences - Student Services
(606) 439-3557 x83508

The professional phase is taken at the Center of Excellence in Rural Health-Hazard. Students gain knowledge through coursework at the Center, and acquire experiences through a series of multi-week clinical rotations (most located outside the Hazard area).