Am I eligible for Kentucky Homeplace services?

If you have a health problem and are having difficulty getting the care you need, Kentucky Homeplace can help you. Even if you have no health problems now but are in need of preventive services, such as pap smears, mammograms, prenatal care, or immunizations for your children, you may qualify for services.

What can Kentucky Homeplace do for me?

Kentucky Homeplace employs people from your community as lay community health workers (CHWs). They are trained to provide a variety of health and social services to people living in their communities. These services include:

  • providing you with health information
  • notifying you of services available in your community, state, or nation
  • referring you to agencies or providers
  • making appointments for you
  • speaking to agencies or providers on your behalf
  • helping arrange transportation where available

How can Kentucky Homeplace improve my health care and the health care of my community?

The community health worker will help you identify and find solutions to your family's health care needs. They encourage you to use preventive services to keep from having serious health problems in the future. If you or anyone you know could benefit from the services provided by Kentucky Homeplace, please call your local office. Referrals can be made by family members, friends, neighbors, as well as health care providers and agencies.

What does Kentucky Homeplace charge for these services?

All services provided by Kentucky Homeplace are free.

When are the CHWs available to help me?

Office hours for community health workers may differ depending on location. Please refer to the contacts page for further information. Also, please note that community health workers may sometimes be unavailable during office hours as they do make home visits.

Where can I get in touch with a CHW?

Click on the contact tab to see a listing of contact persons, their telephone numbers, and the counties they cover.  If there is no answer at the office, please leave your name and telephone number.  A CHW will return your call as soon as possible.