Committed to the common vision of improving health to rural people, the faculty has implemented a well-functioning curriculum that addresses the unique intricacies of rural medicine. The curriculum provides the residents with excellent training in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, and also emphasizes community-oriented primary care, which is so vital to rural medical practice.

Allopathic and Osteopathic

First Year

General Surgery (1 month)

Obstetrics (2 months)

Pediatric Outpatient (1 month)

Medicine ICU (1 month)

Emergency Medicine (1 month)

Family Medicine/Internal Medicine (3 months)

Population Health (1 month)

Pediatric Inpatient (1 month)

Elective (1 month)

Second Year

General Surgery (1 month)

Peds Ward (1 month)

Pediatrics (1 month)

Family Medicine (3 months)

Orthopedics (1 month)

ICU/Pulmonology (1 month)

Gynecology (1 month)

Cardiology (1 month)

Emergency Medicine (1 month)

Elective (1 month)

Third Year

Dermatology (1 month)

Urology (2 weeks)

Gastro-Intestinal (2 weeks)

Ophthalmology (2 weeks)

Hematology/Oncology (2 weeks)

ENT (2 weeks)

Family Medicine (2.5 months)

Orthopedics (1 month)

Elective (3 months)

Emergency Medicine (1 month)

Community Medicine (1 month)