Thank you for your interest in becoming a Rural Health Ambassador (RHA)!

The goal of the RHA program is to provide UK Center of Excellence in Rural Health (CERH) students with opportunities to develop leadership skills, public speaking and community relations experience, and an increased awareness of, and involvement in, the educational and healthcare issues facing our region.


The Rural Health Ambassadors Program supports the mission of the Center of Excellence in Rural Health by promoting student growth and leadership, service to the Center and the community, personal and professional development, increased awareness of CERH academic programs, community engagement, and shared responsibility.


  • To provide leadership opportunities to UK CERH students.

  • To enhance community engagement and service for UK CERH students.

  • To provide personal and professional development opportunities for UK CERH students.


Serving as a Rural Health Ambassador comes with many great benefits. Our ambassadors receive a shirt and name badge to wear at events, reimbursement of travel expenses and a certificate and cord at graduation, as well as a $500 scholarship. In conjunction with the material benefits, the experience of an ambassador allows for the development of leadership skills, enhancement of public speaking skills, networking within the Center, University, various colleges and the community. Your time spent as an ambassador is also an excellent addition to your resume!


Rural Health Ambassadors will serve the University, the Center, their professions, and the community by:

  • Assisting with recruitment events (a minimum of two events per academic year in order to receive certificate, cords, and scholarship).

  • Providing service to the Center, as needed.

  • Engaging in community service projects.

  • Assisting with Center tours.

  • Speaking to local groups (civic, educational, community committees, etc.) on topics related to rural healthcare and the Center’s academic programs.

  • Serving on local wellness coalitions, committees, and work groups, when appropriate

  • Collaborating with Center staff to assist with the organizing social events for CERH students.

  • Attending monthly meetings and/or trainings.

Ambassadors should expect to spend at least ten hours per month devoted to their RHA duties during their 12 month term. You must log all events in order to receive credit. 

The application term is currently closed.

For more information about UK CERH's ambassadors program, please contact:

Angie Phipps at