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Kaitlyn Enderle, MD


  • GME Resident

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Why did you choose the University of Kentucky?

I really liked that UK was an academic hospital that acts as a referral center and has a large volume. Being in Lexington, we have a good mix of rural and urban populations.

What do you like about your program?

My co-residents are the most supportive, hard working, and kindest doctors I know. I really wanted a program that had a good balance of being academic while also getting a lot of surgical experience. I am also very interested in substance use disorder treatment, and we get a lot of experience here.

What are your hobbies?

I love DIY projects, especially home decor/funiture DIY. I don't have any pets (yet) but I love love love animals of all kinds. I also a huge fan of standup comedy, true crime podcasts, and musicals.


Current Year: PGY-2
Hometown: Carmel, Indiana